Medical Spa NP offers a variety of personalized aesthetic and wellness treatments exclusively designed for men. Although our society often views Medspa's as a place for women - we believe that men deserve to feel equally comfortable and confident in their skin. We have carefully curated services focused on men's aesthetics and health, to help you embrace the best version of yourself.

Our most popular Men's Services include...

  • Men's Botox/filler
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy/Testosterone program
  • Men's Weight loss Program
  • Men's skin rejuvenation
  • Massage Therapy
  • Men's Body Sculpting with Emsculpt

Photo: Men's Toxin Before & After

Neurotoxin & Filler

Enhance your appearance with our tailored Men’s Botox and filler treatments. Our skilled professionals at Medical Spa NP understand the unique contours and structure of the male face, providing subtle enhancements that maintain masculine features. Whether reducing fine lines or restoring volume, our procedures are meticulously crafted to achieve natural-looking results, leaving you with a refreshed and confident appearance.

Weight Loss & Hormone Therapy

At Medical Spa NP, we take pride in helping our patients towards a healthier lifestyle with our specialized Weight Loss and Hormone Replacement/Low Testosterone programs - tailored for men. Through a combination of personalized medical treatment with safe, FDA approved medication and practical lifestyle changes, we empower you to achieve a better, healthier version of you. Our approach focuses on getting to the bottom of your symptoms and treating them at the source, allowing you to reach your goals.

During consultations, we delve into symptoms that may necessitate further examination and blood tests, often uncovering hormonal imbalances or medical issues underlying weight concerns. Addressing the root cause is pivotal for sustained success. Our Nurse Practitioners oversee the entire process, guiding men toward achieving and maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle.

Photo: Telangiectasia Before & After

Skin for Men

Rejuvenated and revitalized skin is something we all strive towards. Designed to address specific skincare concerns commonly faced by men, our treatments utilize advanced techniques and medical-grade products to target issues such as sun damage, uneven texture, acne management, telangiectasia treatment, skin-tag/mole removal, and signs of aging. Enhance your confidence with smoother, healthier-looking skin you can feel proud of.


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