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Medical Weight Loss

We employ the HCG diet in our proven, 3 month program.  Nearly 90,000 people have gone through this program and when followed, all are successful! On average, men lose 30-40 pounds and women lose 20-30 pounds in those 43 days.  Included in our comprehensive program is blood work, bi-weekly energy vitamin injections, a cookbook, an online support group, and continual access to our nurse practitioners for any questions or concerns you may have.  This is by far the SAFEST and most comprehensive program to allow you to lose weight quickly, safely, and most importantly, keep it off!  Better yet, if you have more weight to lose, this program can be repeated as many times as you need! Call us today to get started!

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Weight loss in your 50’s!

Congratulations to another successful story! This amazing woman is in her 50s and has been unable to lose her belly... until now! We are now tightening up her loose skin with our BTL Elixis machine, so stay tuned!

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Overweight her whole life, until now!

This particular young woman has been overweight her whole life and has tried every program on the market without success, until now! She did so well that she is now working out every day and is still losing! Congrats!! Call us for a complimentary consultation.