At Medical Spa NP, we feel Medical Weight Loss (MWL) includes many elements, including the management of diet, fitness, and healthy behaviors. There are several different MWL programs available here in the United States and while each healthcare provider may specialize in or follow a particular methodology, the principle of lifestyle change is at the heart of each program.

While MWL programs have a much higher success rate than self-managed diet regimens, both are focused on the same goal of improving an individual’s nutritional and exercise habits. Here at Medical Spa NP we combine advice on diet, exercise, and overall healthy lifestyle changes and we add in the crucial medical aspect of prescription appetite suppressants, hormone optimization, and other medical issues that may be causing weight gain.

We also discuss your symptoms that may warrant further investigation and blood work and we frequently uncover hormonal imbalances and other medical issues that are at the root of your weight gain. Treating the source is the best way to proceed towards long term success! Our Nurse Practitioner’s supervise the entire process to help our clients achieve and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. Our NP’s also stay up to date with the most current treatment guidelines and recalls.

What To Expect:

The Medical Spa NP Weight Loss Program focuses on the essential components needed to achieve healthy weight loss including a healthy diet with hunger control and exercise with a boost of energy. Under the supervision of our certified Nurse Practitioners, we assist you with every step of the way! This coupled with lifestyle changes and healthy eating habits will set you up for sustainable weight loss.

Initial Visit:

On your first visit, the Nurse Practitioner will provide an assessment with a thorough medical history and targeted physical exam and answer any questions you may have. Our partnership is formed and we will walk you through the systematic step-by-step approach of our weight loss program and leave you with goals that are realistic and achievable. We do not believe in fad diets, starvation, or drastic changes, as these methods never result in long-term success. We set you up for success by working with you to target the lifestyle choices that led to the weight gain in the first place. Without a change of lifestyle, weight loss will not be sustained. We follow a safe, medically supervised weight loss program that is a step-wise approach to sustainable weight loss.

Follow-up Visits:

Every 4 weeks, or sooner if indicated, you will come in for a follow-up appointment. Together with you, we will evaluate your success and make any modifications necessary, without judgement, to ensure you are successful in your weight loss journey. Throughout your time with Medical Spa NP, our entire staff will be available to help you. We will never judge you for being overweight or for having unhealthy lifestyle choices. Instead, we will partner with you to help you look and feel your best! Our philosophy is that you did not gain the weight overnight and we will not expect you to lose it overnight!