Medical Grade Skin Care

We can treat several, common skin issues including acne, acne scarring, sun spots (also called age spots or liver spots), varicose veins, cherry hemangiomas, fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, redness, and many others.

We carry medical grade Obagi products that are only available from those who have the ability to write prescriptions i.e. a physician or a nurse practitioner.  These products are the best products available which sets them apart from other popular skin care lines that do not require prescriptive authority to sell.  These other lines, by law, cannot be stronger than anything that can be bought “over the counter” because they do not have MD’s or NP’s dispensing them. 

Obagi is simply the best in the business and we will guarantee that they will transform your skin from fine lines and wrinkles to redness or sun spots to acne, you WILL notice a significant difference!  For those of you proactive young people, we also have a line just for you that will prevent you from aging! And your only commitment is 2 minutes twice a day.  Plus, they are reasonably priced and tend to last approximately 6 months depending upon what size you buy- some are even more reasonably priced than other popular, non-medical grade lines.