Sexual Health

“It’s in your head.”

“Why don’t you just have a glass of wine before sex?”

“You must be depressed.”

“You are cheating and that’s why you don’t want to have sex with me.”

“Of course you don’t want to have sex, you’ve been married for forever.”

“Sex stops after having kids.”

“You don’t love me anymore.”

Have you heard any of these? We are sick and tired of women being judged and blamed for not wanting to have sex. It’s NOT in your head. It’s NOT your fault! So let’s get to the why. Let’s talk about sex. All about it. At Medical Spa NP, we speak freely and honestly about sex in a safe and nonjudgmental space. Nothing leaves the room and we treat women, men, and couples together. Over the years, we have found that no one seems to ask women if they are having sex, if sex is painful, or what their libido is like. For men, we find that primary care providers tend to ask only about erections and whether or not the men need the “blue pill.” We feel sexual issues extend much beyond what primary care and women’s OBGYN providers have historically addressed and we have clients coming in from all over to have their questions answered. There are many medical things to consider when discussing sexual health and we offer both hormonal and non-hormonal treatments. There is even a true medical diagnosis of Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD) and we know how to treat it!


HSDD is a lack or absence of sexual fantasies or desire for sexual activity. It occurs in both men and women but is more common in women.

Yes! Tentative statistics indicate that at least 1 on 10 women have HSDD, but at Medical Spa NP, we think HSDD is MUCH more prevalent given that most women are not asked about their libido or sexual desire, leading to underreported statistics.

 First, we need to find the source. Most likely, there is a hormonal imbalance contributing to a lack of sexual desire. The treatment includes correcting the hormonal imbalance. If you are not a candidate for hormone therapy, there are 2 drugs that are FDA approved for HSDD. Addyl (Flibanserin), or “the pink pill”, works in the brain to increase sexual desire, is hormone free and safe for use in both men and women. Our Nurse Practitioners will discuss which treatments are right for you.

Yes! If your oncologist has told you that you are not a candidate for hormone therapy, we have several FDA approved medications to help. Addyi (Flibanserin) is hormone-free and we also have several topical creams to increase sensation and desire. Vaginal dryness is a frequent concern of our cancer survivors, and Addyi has also been shown to increase vaginal moisture, making sex more pleasurable. An improved sex life is possible without the use of hormones. 

Let’s investigate why. Painful sex, or dyspareunia, can occur for many reasons. Vaginal dryness can occur after menopause, childbirth, breastfeeding, taking certain medications, or lack of arousal, and is treatable. After menopause, the source of vaginal moisture, estrogen, is no longer present, which dries out the vagina, called atrophic vaginitis. This condition is extremely prevalent and is very treatable. Another common cause of painful sex is pelvic floor dysfunction, which can be caused by giving birth, urinary issues such as interstitial cystitis, and many more. Our Nurse Practitioners will discuss with you what treatments are available for you.

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