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PDO Threading

Medical Spa NP

Nurse Practitioners & Medical Spa located in Lancaster, OH

Would you like to achieve tighter, lifted facial features without the need for invasive cosmetic surgery? If so, PDO threading can help and is among the services available from the Medical Spa NP team in Lancaster, Ohio. Schedule a face-to-face consultation today to learn more about what a PDO thread lift can do for you. Booking takes just moments by phone.

PDO Threading Q&A

What is a thread lift?

A traditional face-lift creates incisions to access the muscle, fat, and other tissue beneath your skin to alter the shape of your face, then trims away excess skin before closing the incisions. A thread lift offers a far less invasive option. 

A thread lift creates impressive yet natural-looking results without incisions or extensive recovery time. The process involves inserting smooth synthetic threads under your skin to lift and tighten your skin. 

How does PDO threading work?

PDO threading uses threads made of polydioxanone (PDO), a synthetic material your body safely absorbs over time. Your Medical Spa NP provider positions the threads using hollow needles. They numb the treatment area beforehand to prevent discomfort. 

Your practitioner evaluates your face to determine the optimal placement for your threads. Once inserted, they anchor into your skin. Then they lift the threads and trim away any excess thread material. The entire process only takes 15-30 minutes. 

The threads are placed depending on the desired effects. They can lift and tighten sagging skin, improving facial contouring. Best of all, your body responds to the threads by boosting collagen production, which delivers effects that last even after your threads have dissolved. 

How long do the results of a PDO thread lift last?

Your threads dissolve in around six months, but you can expect your lifted facial contouring to last 3-6 months longer due to collagen stimulation, neovascularization, and contraction of fat tissue. Once the results wear away, you can decide if you’d like to return for a new set of PDO threads. 

It’s important to work with a skilled and experienced medical professional when having PDO threading. Success requires an in-depth understanding of facial anatomy as well as an artistic eye. At Medical Spa NP, the nurse practitioners use PDO thread lifts to create beautiful results that maintain a natural appearance.

If you have questions about how PDO threading can help you reach your aesthetic and anti-aging goals, call Medical Spa NP to book an appointment. Online scheduling is also available, making it easy to find a time that fits your busy life.