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Heidi Wright Tilley

Licensed Massage Therapist located in Lancaster, OH

About Wright Tilley

Heidi Wright Tilley is a Licensed Massage Therapist providing several techniques of massage to Medical Spa NP clients.  She has provided medical massage to others after receiving her massage license through the State Medical Board 14 years ago.  Heidi graduated from Knox County Career Center in 2004 and was the top of her class receiving the Academic Award. She is also a member of AMTA.  She enjoys camping and exploring beautiful land around Ohio and Southern states. Also, she is an avid bird watcher.

Heidi has taken studies by many professional teachers, learning a variety of massage techniques. Some of which include; Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular Release, Myofascial Release, Myoskeletal alignment techniques, Trigger Point and Positional Release.  Heidi feels her job, providing massage to a variety of clients is rewarding. She is a strong believer in helping clientele understand and receive the benefits of manual therapy. Working towards to achieve client’s physical goals to live a healthy lifestyle.