Non-Surgical Treatments

PDO Threading

The future of aesthetic medicine is available at Medical Spa NP.  Smooth threads are inserted under the skin to minimize acne scarring, stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles.  Smooth threads can also be placed around the lips to define the lip border and in the lines across the neck.  Lifting threads are inserted to pull the skin back to reduce sagging skin and mild to moderate wrinkles. Safely performed in the office with local anesthetic. Non-surgical neck and facelifts with immediate and long-lasting effects.  Threading can also be performed on the body to reduce Bat Wings, crepey skin on the arms, improve excess breast tissue and lift breasts, reduce crepey skin on the knees and inner thighs, and improve loose skin and stretch marks on the abdomen.  As your body breaks down the threading, your body produces more collagen naturally. Our Level 3 Certified Aesthetic Injector Lindsay specializes in these and will go over them more in detail during your complimentary consultation.