Hair Removal & laser services

We have the best laser in the industry in the Quanta Evo laser and we offer laser hair reduction at competitive prices to meet your needs! Our advanced laser treats all skin types and is only operated by skilled nurse practitioners.

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Women, don’t suffer with facial hair!

This young woman has struggled with coarse, thick facial hair and has had to shave daily for years, causing a lot of irritation (folliculitis) and some major emotional distress☹. After just one laser hair treatment, her face is clearing up nicely and her self esteem is skyrocketing! Come see us for a free consultation!

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Before any treatments and 6 weeks later after only 1 treatment! He is not shaved in the second picture! Come see why our laser hair removal machine is superior! This guy has been struggling with his hair for so long, that he has never been without a collared shirt, EVER.... Until now! And, he still has 5 treatments left!

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More than just hair removal!

Red lines around your nose bothering you?  Come see us for a quick fix! Our cutting edge Quanta EVO laser immediately erases these lines!  Schedule a complimentary consultation today.