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Medical Grade Skincare

We only use the best and offer Obagi, Skinceuticals and Revision products. Stop wasting money on over the counter skin care that offer little to no changes. These products can only be sold at a medical office and are prescription strength.



Utilizing the Collagen Pin, we rejuvenate your skin and reduce wrinkles, reduce scarring, minimize pores, and improve the texture of your face. Can also be used on the body to minimize scarring and stretch marks. Performed by our Nurse Practitioner Keitha. For best results, 3 treatments are recommended, with maintenance treatments as needed.  Includes home-going kit with four healing serums.  Your face will be numbed prior to each session, very little downtime.


Chemical Peel

Immediately lightens, brightens and tightens your skin with no downtime and little to no pain. For best results, 3 sessions are recommended with maintenance sessions as needed.

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