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Membership FAQ


Membership Program FAQ

Q) Is the $99 membership fee just a fee?

A) No, your $99 membership fee is banked for you to use at any time toward treatments, services and products. So if you come in after 4 months, you'll have $396 waiting in your account to use.


Q) Is there a setup fee or initiation fee?

A) Yes, the enrollment fee is $50. However, if you enroll before the end of the year, the enrollment fee is waived.


Q) Can I cancel anytime?

A) We require a 30-day written notice for cancellations, either by mail or by email. If you would like to cancel before the 12-month minimum term has lapsed, you will incur a $350 fee. Please see our membership terms and conditions for specific details.


Q) How long is the membership?

A) The membership commitment is for a minimum of 12 months. If you’d like to cancel at the end of the year, you must give 30 day written notice by mail or by emailing or


Q) What if there is an emergency and I can no longer afford the membership?

A) We understand emergencies happen. Call us to discuss at (740)277–7660.


Q) Does the money expire?

A) This is your money to use, however, you must start using your funds within 9 months of your start date, otherwise, you will forfeit these funds. 


Q) Can I use my money to purchase gift cards for others or can I allow someone else to use my credit?

A) Your money may ONLY be used toward treatments, services or products for you, as the member and may not be used to purchase gift cards for others nor may it be credited to another patient account.


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