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Cellulite reduction & Body Contouring

Our state of the art machine, the BTL Exilis Ultra 360, is at the forefront of the industry in transforming bodies with NO downtime or pain!  Our machine uses radiofrequency and ultrasound to transform your skin by reducing the appearance of cellulite and tightening your skin!  This device can safely be used ANYWHERE on the body!  The treatments are not painful, and feel like a hot stone massage.  This machine is safely operated by our Nurse Practitioners and we perform non-surgical eye lifts, non-surgical facelifts, non-surgical neck lifts and can also plump the skin in your hands, tighten your arms, and can improve your decolletage and reduce wrinkles.  We also perform full midsection trimming by melting the fat around your stomach, love handles, upper back and to reduce inches and reduce the appearance of fat.  We also perform non-surgical butt lifts!  We can also treat men who may have extra breast tissue.  Get the body you want without surgery or pain! 

Vaginal Rejuvenation- EVERY woman needs this treatment!  This is a pain-free way to plump, moisten, and restore your vagina both internally and externally that comes with many benefits including improved sex life with no more pain, less bladder leakage, and lowered chances of urinary tract infections.  Time to do something for yourself!  

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Arm Contouring

This amazing transformation started with our weight loss program and left this lovely client with loose skin in her arms. These results are after 4 treatments with our BTL Exilis machine that uses radiofrequency and ultrasound to melt fat and tighten skin anywhere on the body with no downtime! Her results are going to continue to improve for another 8 weeks! Hello sleeveless shirts! Schedule a complimentary consultation today!

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Total Transformation

Wow! Our magical BTL Exilis machine slimmed this woman's midsection quite nicely!  This is before and after her 4th treatment, and her results will continue to improve as her body filters out all of the fat cells that are busted (called lipolysis) by our magical machine.  She said the treatments felt like a "hot stone massage."  This body contouring device is superior to others in that it treats 3 levels.  It melts the deep down fat, the superficial fat right under the skin that causes cellulite, THEN it tightens the skin WITHOUT any damage to the nerves or pain.   The other devices do not tighten the skin and can cause damage to the nerves- especially those that use cold methods to freeze the fat cells. It much safer and better to melt them!